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One of the most important aspects of every car and vehicles all over the world is its transmission system, due to the fact that without the transmission system, your car will not be able to move properly in a gradual improvement motion. There are currently two forms of transmission system, which are manual transmission and automatic transmission. But there is also a very important part on every transmission system as well, which is its gearbox. A gearbox is basically the main source of rotational energy that is designed to provide speed and torque conversion to the transmission system. There are actually a huge amount of gearbox designs available all over the world, and it can sometimes be relatively tedious to find the ideal gearbox for your system like two speed gearbox. That is why in this article, we will provide you with the perfect insight on the various types of gearboxes available in the market as of now.


The first gearbox that we are going to talk about is called the bevel gearbox here, which is a type of gearbox that are encompasses of two crossing shafts which also have cone styled teeth that would grant more versatile motion in the area in between its shafts. The best part about bevel gearboxes is its gears, which features axes that are capable of conducting any amount of pressure. The only thing about bevel gearboxes is that it is more suited on low speed vehicles due to the fact that it works well with lower gear ratios. The main thing you need to remember in regards to bevel gearbox is that it is needed to be fitted properly with care as well. 


The next gearbox type that we are going to talk about is called the spiral bevel gearbox, which is a variant of bevel gearbox types with a different twist. The spiral bevel gearbox is generally identical to bevel gearboxes and the only amazing factor about them is that it generates way lesser amount of noise with smooth transmissions as well, which is actually a very good benefit for any automobiles.


The last but not least type of gearbox is called the right angle gearboxes, which is basically a type of gearbox that is main purpose is to decrease any applied speed. The most important thing about right angle gearboxes is that it is needed to be properly aligned so that it would properly work as intended as well.


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